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One of the Mcpherson Burial Churchyards

St Mary's Church in Bootle
St Mary's Church, Bootle
Surnames from the Mcpherson/Macpherson Family Tree:
Ashcroft Bates Buchanon Carbis Chettoe Clark Colby Dewar Craig Fenton Fergusson Fraser Greenwood Henry King Kinnear Maslyn Maxwell McBean Menzies Moncrieff Morton Morrison Hutchison Prescot Robertson Sindick Slimming Smith Tait Taylor Thackeray Watson Williams Wishart

Surnames from the Horton Family Tree:
Bethel Clynch Cowen Cupit Farrer Fearon Gagen Hargreaves Jones Mattson Mayes McBurnie Morgan Morris Murray Quigley Riley Thomas Thompson Wallace Wainwright Westhead

Surnames from the Cupit Family Tree:
Allison Anson Bailey Baley Bingham Bolderton Brewster Burt Clay Cottingham Cooper Cox Craven Fletcher Gaby Hawkins Horne Horsman Horton Ingamells Jordon Langley Jones Pembleton Pike Renowden Saxby South Thorpes Turgoose Wallace Wells Wilson Woffendon Wootton

Surnames from the Slimming Family Tree:
Aberdeen Allan Anderson Birrel Blackwood Blythe Boyd Brodie Bullock Burt Butt Christie Dick Dodds Doig Drummond Harris Hayter Henderson Hutchison Kay Laing Lee Linsley Lowe Macpherson McLaren Moncrieff Morton Nicholson Henderson Ramsay Rankin Rees Richardson Riddle Robertson Salmons Smith Strachan Symington Watson

Surnames from the Williams Family Tree:
Bradford Cartwright Culy Edmondson Gilmour Greenwood Lavery Macpherson Roberts Robertson Seddon Taylor Thomas



Welcome to Our Macpherson Family tree

We are a husband and wife team who are keen family history researchers.

We Started this site in 2002 with the intent of showing our research into the
Macpherson/Mcpherson family from Perth. Who later migrated south to Liverpool and
then in modern times to other areas in England.
After doing our main tree from which the site is named, we decided to
research some of the female branches. Some of the researched trees can be found using
links below. A lot more work was entailed, but from the information one can often see
where a persons middle name comes from.

Over the years people have contacted us through the Website and provided additional data
which has helped the various trees to grow. You may feel inspired to see your own details
entered and do your bit to expand your tree. Please feel free to contact us, see details on the contact page.

We have presented the data in a Report format rather than the usual box format.
In report format it is possible to provide much more detailed information.

A special mention must be made to David Slimming whom we inspired to complete
the Slimming family tree research. David now lives in Australia and has  written a small book
called "The Slimmings O'Fife" which is well worth a read. If you are interested in the book, further
details are on our Resources and Links page.

Scott Wishart needs a special mention. He gave us a start from his Macpherson tree which he
has on his own website. Details on our Resources and Links page.

We are also indebted to other living family members who have provided us with their information.
However information on living people is not published their names have been replaced in the reports
with the word living. This way the report continuity is preserved.

Note about Our Trees
All our Family Tree Reports are password protected. If you want to browse them then please use the
password request form on the Contact page. You will be sent the password to the Email address you
supply. One password opens all Trees.


Here are the Tree Reports available to Date

The Mcphersons of Perth and Liverpool - Click here to view

The Horton Family Tree - Click here to view

The Cupit Family Tree - Click here to view

The Slimming Family Tree - Click here to view

The Williams Family Tree - Click here to view

If you make any connections we would be pleased to hear from you so we can add them to the database.
To contact us click here.












Last Updated: 21st March 2009
Copyright belongs to Colin and Barbara Macpherson